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Stacey Cann received a MA in Art Education at Concordia University in 2012 and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Print Media from Alberta College of Art and Design in 2008. She is currently the Administrator of the Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton, and a practicing artist and curator.


Women’s bodies are highly regulated and judged in public spaces. If a woman is harassed or assaulted what she was wearing or her behaviour is often to blame. This performance is a reaction to the suggestion that we can protect ourselves from attack through clothes that make us disappear in public.

This performance stems out of my own experiences of being told that if I felt unsafe in certain areas at night that if I dressed differently I would be left alone. I began to think about how clothes shelter or expose women in public places. Over the course of the performance I add more and more layers of clothing both to hide my body and to act as a shield against attack.

It is important that these performances have a strong tie to public space, rather than the sterile space of a gallery, or the relative safety of an interior space.

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