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Stacey Cann received a MA in Art Education at Concordia University in 2012 and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Print Media from Alberta College of Art and Design in 2008. She is currently the Administrator of the Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton, and a practicing artist and curator.

Forest For the Trees

Within the cityscape, trees are one of the few representations, or remnants, of the natural world. Trees’ physical shape is both simple and highly complex; a few simple lines on a page provide a readily identifiable shape - “tree” - that we understand form early childhood. This project is meant to both distill the forms of trees into their essence through repetition, and at the same time, keep each representation unique.

 By keeping the images small and using an iron as a drawing tool, the tree-forms are reduced to abstracted, but still recognizable linear expressions; the shift in scale from a multiplicity of small images to a few human-scaled images generates a dynamic relationship between the massed images, the singular trees, and the viewer. While the mass of images may initially seem overwhelming, their small scale as individual objects makes them intimate gestures. In a similar manner, the much larger long drawings can be directly correlated to the physical scale of the human body, which generates a second layer of intimacy, in that these larger drawings are at once surrounded and contained by the grid of small drawings, and have the same general physical scale as the viewer. These are my contributions to an ongoing visual dialogue with artist Sydney Lancaster.

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