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Stacey Cann received a MA in Art Education at Concordia University in 2012 and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Print Media from Alberta College of Art and Design in 2008. She is currently the Administrator of the Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton, and a practicing artist and curator.


Timeline takes a phenomenological approach to the exploration of time and labour. Through its creation, the work inscribes time's passage, and although the processes used to make the work are labourious there is no clear meaning or direction to the output. Parallel to our modern economy which must create more and more regardless of need, this work becomes an obsessive creation of more and more, rather than creating meaning through the objects. The viewer is left to interpret these works to come to their own assessment of what they are seeing. 

Timeline is a futile gesture to create, and becomes repetitious, boring, a mark of labour rather than creativity. A pattern that blends one mark into the next, obfuscating all uniqueness. Each references the passing of time, each day and work blending into each other.  This work encapsulates vagueness and indeterminacy, much like time itself: a feeling that one cannot quite grasp, sometimes dragging, sometimes gone before it has begun. The viewer must contend with the tension between an intense commitment to labour, and the dullness that the effort produces.  

This work has been shown in various iterations at Spazio Performativo in Edmonton, AB, The Drawing Room in Edmonton, AB, and The Ministry of Casual Living in Victoria, BC. It has also been presented as a durational performance at Illingworth Kerr Gallery in Calgary, AB, and at the Found Festival in Edmonton AB.

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