About Me

Stacey Cann is a multidisciplinary artist working in Edmonton, Alberta. She has shown at the Illingworth Kerr Gallery, The Ministry of Casual Living, Latitude 53 Contemporary Art, Harcourt House Artist Run Centre and the International Print Centre New York among others. Her work involves durational elements whose mundane nature borders on the absurd, and she is interested in how we present ourselves in the commonplace of our daily life. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Print Media from Alberta College of Art and Design as well as a Masters of Arts in Art Education from Concordia University.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

How to Build a Wall

Walls can both protect and isolate. Building a wall between the audience and the performer can be a little awkward, especially when it doesn’t work. This work is about building walls. In different configurations the wall offers different amounts of stability, protection, and isolation for the performer. Each wall has a serious flaw and the audience watches at the wall topples, is not high enough to protect, is damaging to the performer, or is otherwise inadequate. This work is about protection as well as vulnerability. The work uses humour and absurdity to confront real issues of protection, isolation, and building barriers.

This work is being developed with a grant from the Edmonton Arts Council.